What is cryptocurrency mining in simple words 

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What is mining in cryptocurrency Bitcoin

In general life mining means digging like digging of coal digging of diamonds. But in the world of cryptocurrency mining does not belongs to digging instead cryptocurrency mining is done with the help of computers. Such computers that are consists of high quality graphic cards, processors, chips etc. 

There are two types of investors in cryptocurrency one who want to purchase cryptocurrency  and other who are ready to create cryptocurrency with the help of mining process these people are two step ahead of investors. A match played  between two teams is won by one team and other team gets defeat but the match organising committee always wins. Similarly cryptocurrency miners are always making money whether cryptocurrency investors are gaining or losing. 

In comparison to last 5 to 8 years the competition in cryptocurrency mining field increases a lot in the entire world. But still there is a lot of potential in cryptocurrency mining work. Especially in Asian countries there is almost no competition in cryptocurrency mining. Loving this crypto mining article, continue your reading journey.

What is cryptocurrency mining in simple words

The process of making bitcoin or any cryptocurrency is known as mining. Mining process is  done with the help of computers and the process of mining gets completed when computer solves the problem. Out of 21 million bitcoins almost more than half have been mined and there are few bitcoins remaining for mining.

Earlier cryptocurrency mining was bit easier in comparison to present mining standards.  Before computers have to solve some basic problems but today the level of problems have been increased and simple computers are not able to solve the problems. Therefore  advance versions of computers are required to diagnose the mining process of cryptocurrency. If you are thinking to start cryptocurrency mining business then you have to purchase some advance computers along with high quality graphic cards and remember 1 processor is not capable even for lowest mining you have to purchase multiple advance processors. 

Computers used to solve the problem for mining but now these problems are made more difficult therefore to solve these problems high quality graphic cards and advanced version of computers are desperately required. Competition in Cryptocurrency mining in UAE, USA, UK  increasing day by day and it is seen that people are are also starting there cryptocurrency mining farm. However India and some other Asian countries are still facing the cryptocurrency tax issues hence they are lacking in the crypto mining industry. You can also start a mining farm but first you should calculate the crypto mining farm cost which is given below.

Cryptocurrency mining cost

Computer cost – High quality advanced computers are required therefore computer cost will be between $2523 to $7571.

Electricity cost – Electricity is one of the most important aspect in cryptocurrency mining and you just have to pick a place with no electricity disturbance. There is a huge electricity consumption during cryptocurrency mining process initially you have to pay $63 to $126 per month. Getting worth spending time here, keep reading till the end.

Air conditioner cost – Mining room should be consists of air conditioners otherwise you my face some interruption problems. During problem solving process computers often gets heated and might get close so you have to maintain their temperature and for that  air condition is required. Air condition cost is around $1893.

For cryptocurrency mining you need problem solving computer and these computers are very costly due to advance features. The minimum cost of the basic cryptocurrency mining computer starts from $2523 and advance cryptocurrency mining computers are around $7571. Wine making cryptocurrency the business plan make sure to purchase high graphic card computers and install them in cold area with 24×7 hours proper electricity.


How bitcoin mining works?

For bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency mining work we need the following 
High quality advanced computers.
High quality software, hardware and graphic cards are required.  
Place with proper electricity connection for 24 hours without any fluctuations.
Regularly working air conditioners.

What is the cryptocurrency mining setup cost?

Cryptocurrency mining setup cost is $7574 to $10,099.

What is the average bitcoin mining setup cost UK?

Bitcoin mining setup cost in UK might be between $8574 to $11,099.

From where I can get information about cryptocurrency along with charts?

You can get any crypto information from coin market cap.

What is crypto mining in simple terms?

Problems are solved by computers with the help of high quality graphic cards, advance software’s, advance hardware’s, advance features and this problem solving process is known as cryptocurrency mining.

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