Can I buy 100 Rs Bitcoin exchange name

Can I buy 100 Rs Bitcoin? If yes, from where to buy it? If you think the same then this blog post is for you in which I am telling you can easily buy 1000 rs Bitcoin in India.

No you cannot buy Rs 100 Bitcoin but you can buy Rs 1000 Bitcoin from exchanges like Wazirx, Zebpay and Binance etc. In most exchanges it is necessary to submit Rs1000 for trading and after that you can purchase various cryptocurrency at Rs 100 to 1000 depending on their policy. After submitting 1000 rupees in the wallet to activate the trading account you can also buy Bitcoin for rupees 500, 300 and 1000 accordingly. Bitcoin is not illegal in India, instead you have to give a huge tax of about 40% for withdrawing the money in your bank account.

Can I buy 100 Rs Bitcoin exchange name

Not only Bitcoin you cannot buy any cryptocurrency in rupees 100 in most exchanges. However, some exchanges allow you to buy some cryptocurrency for Rs 100 as well. Most popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Wazirx also allow users to buy some cryptocurrency for rupees 100 but not all. There are very few cryptocurrency which you can buy for only Rs 100. 

In cryptocurrency wallets like Wazirx and Binance first you have to submit Rs 1000 then you can trade and purchase cryptos accordingly. After submitting Rs 1000 you can buy cryptocurrency for Rs 500 some for Rs 200 some for Rs 700 and some for Rs 1000. Don’t worry it is the same Rs 1000 which you submitted in the beginning for trading in your wallet.

Open crypto account free Rs 1000 needed for trading 

Hopefully you are clear that you have to invest Rs 1000 to start your crypto journey. Having basic knowledge about how to invest in crypto in India is good. Now it’s time to open a trading account to buy and sell cryptos.

Binance and Wazirx are the most popular cryptocurrency wallets in India whereas trust wallet is popular worldwide. 

You can start by opening an account in Wazirx due to the easy interface and it is an Indian company founded by Nishchal Shetty. Currently shetty lives in Dubai and operates the whole Wazirx company from Dubai. Earlier the WazirX and Nichel Shetty were in India but due to government confusion Nichel moved to Dubai now he is happily operating Wazirx exchange from Dubai.

You can buy most cryptocurrencies in Wazirx but not all this is the drawback of this exchange. To buy new and different cryptos you should open an account in Binance which is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange.

Buying Bitcoin illegal or legal in India

Most people still think purchasing cryptocurrency or Bitcoin in India is crime or illegal but they are wrong. I am asking a few questions to you. Please answer them in the comment box.

If buying and selling Bitcoin is illegal in India then how foreign cricketers Pat Cummins and Brett Lee donated 1 to 1.5 Bitcoin to the Indian government during the pandemic for arranging the oxygen cylinders. At that time 1 bitcoin was trading over Rs 40 lakh.

Why and how the Indian government accepted those Bitcoins! It simply means Bitcoins are not illegal in India. Most solid proof is that finance minister Sitaraman said during the latest budget that Bitcoins are not illegal, they are making some policy to regulate and the government will take 40% tax on online assets including cryptocurrency. If the government is taking tax then how is bitcoin illegal?

Conclusion – You learned that one can buy bitcoin for Rs 500, 300, 1000 and more. Now you know to buy Bitcoin for Rs 500 or more first you need an account in Wazirx, Binancae or other crypto wallets. It’s free to open an account in Wazirx, Binance and other wallets, however Rs 1000 is required to start the trading. 

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