Best cheap Crypto for long term investment

Hello investors, today we are sharing some best cheap crypto for long term investment. This crypto guide consists of crypto predictions for 2025 to 2027. First of all booming crypto categories you need to know and after knowing the crypto categories it will become easier for you to pick top crypto for 2025, 2026, 2027.  Best crypto categories explained here which is important to understand.  

Best crypto categories explained

Best crypto category – We are not sharing a crypto category list because you might get confused to pick the important category instead we will define only 5 best cryptocurrency categories so that you can focus on them without getting puzzled with too many options. Lets begin 

Top crypto categories are given below

Web 3.0




Mem coins

Header – However, all the coins are well researched but we do not confirm any guarantee behind any investment, we are just analysing the future of these coins on the basis of fundamentals. It’s up to you if you and totally your responsibility whether you want to invest in any coin or not. Choice is yours. 

Let’s understand all the important and cheap coins that fall under the above given crypto categories. 

Best cheap Crypto for long term investment

Ecash coin

Ecash coin platform develops new coins. Earlier ecash coin was a bitcoin ABC and was reconstructed as an Ecash coin. 

Ecash coin works on the blockchain network and belongs to the Bitcoin family.

Ecash coin price prediction 

Ecash all time high is 0.02 and now it is trading on 76% down from all time high. 

Till now this coin has showed the growth of 376% from all time low

Ecash current price – .00722 series 

Buy Ecash coin on Wazirx through our link and you will get a discount or some bitcoins of Rs 50 or more.  Wazirx is India’s largest crypto exchange.

UFO Gaming – Best gaming Crypto coins

UFO gaming, as the name suggests this coin, works on gaming projects. On UFO coin gaming platforms you can play the game and earn the money as well therefore UFO gaming coin is becoming more popular. UFO is already Working on NFT projects  and UFO is also planning to project virtual lands  on its platform. You can purchase these virtual lands and sell them later to somebody else. UFO gaming is one of the best gaming Crypto to invest in.

UFO gaming coin prediction

All time high = 0.014 series

Currently it is 83% down from the all time high.

Recovering from all time low 2615% 

Current price = .00070 series 

Coin prediction 1000 X after 5 years

You can buy UFO gaming through the Sun Crypto app. Just click and download the sun crypto app  from this link and you will get some discount by using our referral link. 

BTTC – BitTorrent – Best web 3.0 crypto to buy

It is a fundamentally very strong coin working as a file transfer protocol. Gas fees of ethereum are too high to afford and BTTC provides the same services with very less gas-fees which highlights this coin and makes investors a preferred choice. This coin is also known as web 3.0 king and it is one of the best web 3.0 crypto projects.

BTTC coin price prediction 

All time high = 0.00025 series

All time low = 0.0001465

Bittorrent price prediction = 1000 X till 2025

Fundamentally strong coin must select this coin in your portfolio. 

Baby dogecoin

This is a meme coin with the highest community in memes. It has more than 15 lakh holders and recently celebrated touching the 15 lakh holder landmark. This coin has crossed another popular and first superstar meme coin called Shiba Inu. 

Upcoming projects – Metaverse, SWAP, 

Current projects – Working on NFTs 

Upcoming exchanges – Binance, Robinhood 

Current exchange to buy babydogecoin – Suncrypto, Coindcx

Baby doge coin prediction

All time high = 0.00000047 series

At present 50% low from all time high.

Current price = 0.0000002331

Baby doge coin price prediction = 1000 X profit till 2025. 

Buy baby doge coin from sun crypto app. It’s an Indian app.

Shiba Inu

This coin has already given extra huge profit to the investors and investors are still hoping for a good profit from this coin. Meme coins are always backed up by world’s richest person Elon Musk. 

Current projects = Metaverse, NFTs, Burning partners, working with big brands.

All time high = 0.006 series 

Current price = 0.0018 series

We have picked all these coins for you because these are the best cheap price coins which can generate not only good but huge profit in the coming time. Whenever there will be a boom on these sectors including web3.0, gaming, meta, nft  all these coins will start growing first in their list with unexpected results. We all know its just the start of web3.0, nft and metaverse so come first and get first, dialogue is old but evergreen from years. 

Buy shiba inu on Binance and get some reward right now.

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