How to choose best cryptocurrency to invest

In very easy language I am explaining how to choose best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022. Top web 3.0 crypto projects 2022 are also shared here.

2021 was a great year for crypto currency however 2022 was the most unexpected and fluctuating year for cryptocurrency. In 2022 bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were not stable at all and still they are not performing up to the mark. 

How to choose best cryptocurrency to invest


How to pick best crypto to invest and which is the best coin to buy now in 2022 is explained with examples.

Somewhere 1 intelligent man has said that where there is a problem there is a hidden opportunity as well. If you believe in cryptosystem and want to invest in cryptocurrency then this is the best time to invest in cryptocurrency when the market is not upto the mark or towards downside. But still you need to understand that you should not invest in any random currency instead you have to do a good research on cryptocurrency and then buy it according to your need and pocket. 

Before investing in any cryptocurrency you need to understand the fundamentals of the currency and should only invest in such coins that are fundamentally strong. You must keep an eye on the present and upcoming projects of the cryptocurrency. Let’s first understand what are fundamentally strong coins? These are such coins that are working presently on solid projects that will produce results in the future eg metaverse, gaming, web 3.0 etc. 

One must invest in categories of coin instead of searching best crypto coins you must search about top cryptocurrency categories or projects. Cryptocurrencies that are fundamentally strong are distinguished between in few categories:

Top cryptocurrency projects 2022

  • Web 3.0 
  • Gaming 
  • Metaverse
  • Public block chain
  • Decentralize finance (DeFi)
  • Medium of exchange

Now you should begin your best cryptocurrency investment search from the above given categories. Each category contains various coins some have very strong fundamentals and some have decent to strong fundamentals. You should put your all efforts to select and anlyze these projects. Let’s make it more clear if you want to invest in web 3.0 coins then there are lots of coins that falls under web 3.0 category example bittorrent coins, don’t worry web 3.0 list is shared here. Similarly you should search the coins that falls in metaverse and gaming category. I guess I made my point clear here still you can drop a message for the related query. 

Top web 3.0 cryptocurrency projects 2022

You can buy web 3.0 projects in 2022.

  1. Ariv crypto
  2. Audio crypto
  3. Basic attention token bat (Bat)
  4. Bittorent token (BTT)
  5. File coin
  6. The graph 
  7. Helium 
  8. Chain link 
  9. Liverpool
  10. Siya coin 
  11. theta

The above 11 coins are the example of web 3.0 project similarly you can search the coins falling under metaverse, gaming, public blockchain, decentralize finance and medium of exchange categories. Please comment below if you need information on all the important coins that falls under remaining projects or categories.


What is Ariv coin?

Ariv coin is capable of saving data permanently. It is a type of collective hard drive that never forgets. It is a decentralize data storage for infinity storage. 

What is Audis coin?

Audis provides the freedom to monetize, distribute and stream any type of audio contact.

What is Basic Attention token (BAT)?

Basic attention token is used to run ads campaigns. Latest example of this can be seen in brave browser. 

What is BitTorrent coin uses?

BitTorrent is an peer to peer network in which files can easily transferred to any location.

What is the history of bittorrent coin?

In 2018 bittorrent coin was purchased by tron blockchain. After that in 2019 Bit Torrent was launched as TRC 10 token on tron blockchain.

What is file coin used for?

Access storage can be purchased by using file coin.

What is the graph coin?

The graph provides data indexing facility through blockchain system. Currently uniswap, synthetics and decentraland are using (GRT) graph technologies.

What is Helium crypto coin and what is Helium coin used for?

Helium is a wireless network which enables internet of things (IOT). After enabling this device gets connected wirelessly with internet and HNT is the native token to it.

What is Livepeer token?

This token is built on ethereum network and LPT is the native coin. Livepeer crypto is a decentralized video streaming network.

How to choose which cryptocurrency to invest in?

If you are a fresher to crypto world and thinking how to choose which cryptocurrency to buy then it looks complicated but the answer is easy. You should invest in fundamentally strong coins and for that you need a deep search. Pay attention, in the beginning don’t search about best coins to invest instead search about top categories of coins like web 3.0, metaverse, gaming, medium of exchange etc and then search about the coins that falls under these projects. For example audio coin, BitTorrent token falls under web 3.0 and is a good choice for future. Similarly search for those coins that have gaming and metaverse projects in their pockets.

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