What is dogecoin and Dogecoin mining process

Information about dogecoin and its mining process is given here.

What is dogecoin and Dogecoin mining process

Dogecoin features shiba inu dog on its logo. This altcoin is based on the popular internet meme of doge. Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon from Sydney and Jackson Palmer from Australia created open source. Dogecoin creator presented this currency as a light hearted in fun way.  One of the most biggest celebrity businessmen, Tesla CEO Alon Musk supports doge coin and already shared his thoughts on social media.

Dogecoin mining

Dogecoin is based on script technology which is different from Bitcoin’s proof of work protocol. It has a block time of 1 minute and the total supplies unlimited meaning no limit for mining doge coins. If you want to start doge coin mining business you can do it either solo or by joining mining pool. To become a doge minor one have to mine the digital currency on Windows, Mac or Linux with a GPU. You can also mine litecoin in the same process of mining Dogecoin as of 2014 because the processes were merged.  

Dogecoin mining business at home

Yes, you can easily start mining business in cryptocurrency whether at home or at some other place but in both cases you need to meet the requirements. Place selection is the first and most important thing to start mining business. If you are willing to start this business at home then select a peaceful place where nobody enters. Prohibition of regular visits of people or your family members is required to maintain the cleanliness because dust can disturb the frequency of your system. 

Select a small room of ground floor areaIf you don’t have room at ground floor then it becomes must to install air conditioners as well. However, installation of air conditioner at ground floor room is beneficial at any region. If you are living in hot region then installation of AC becomes must in top floor or ground floor rooms. After selecting room now you need special graphic computers and you can mine dogecoin on linux, windows or mac with a GPU. GPU full form in computer is Graphic Processing Unit so don’t get confused with it. Graphic Processing Unit is compulsory to mine dogecoins. While selecting a place for mining make sure electricity disturbance is zero because  disturbing frequency of electricity may interrupt the mining process.

Minimum US $3650 to 6084 USD is required to install the mining setup. The main cost you have to pay for graphic Processing Unit  due to the high quality high frequency give you is required for mining process. Don’t purchase the gaming GPU because that might be higher in compare to simple computers but it  is lower version in compared to mining computers. 

Dogecoin uses

Dogecoin is primarily used as a reward on reddit and twitter to appreciate for sharing quality content. Dogecoin faucet is a website that gives small amount of coins to their users absolutely free as a introduction of this meme currency. After getting free dogecoins you can participate in the community.


How I can start dogecoin mining business at home?

One can start dogecoin mining on windows, mac or linux with a Graphic Processing Unit.

How can I buy dogecoin?

One can buy dogecoin at any exchange that offers the digital currency. Coinbase, Binance, and Wazir x are some of the examples of digital currency exchanges.

Name the companies that accept dogecoin?

AMC theatres 
Dallas Mavericks
Easy DNS

What is market Coinmarketcap.com?

You can check the history and price of various coins at coinmarketcap.

Should I buy dogecoin in 2023?

First research by own about the coin and then invest the money which you are using for eating burgers. Yes, by seeing the use case and community it seems dogecoin has a potential to grow more than $1 in upcoming years.

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