BAT Basic attention token explained with use cases

In cryptocurrency world full form of BAT is basic attention token. At the time of writing this post the current price of bat is $0.2476 with a 24 hour trading volume of $28,824,391 USD.

One can buy basic attention token from the following cryptocurrency exchanges

Binance, BingX, Bybit, Deepcoin, OKX and WazirX. 

BAT Basic attention token explained with use cases

Basic attention token is also known as BAT that enhances the strength to new block chain based digital advertising plateform and is beneficial to advertising industry. The blockchain is fairly designed for both users and advertisers, users get benefits for their attention and advertisers gets better return on their investment.

By installing brave browser on computer or laptop one can take the early advantages of  BAT rewards. Brave is the platform where users can watch privacy preserving adverts and receive the BAT tokens as a reward. Whereas advertisers can run targeted ads to increase engagement. It is a platform where they can cut down losses and avoid ad fraud and abuse.  

In the advertising ecosystem the basic attention token is a unit of reward which is distributed among publishers, advertisers and users. Advertisers used to pay according to their capacity and the minimum payment guidelines for the advertising campaign in BAT tokens. Out of this budget a 70% is distributed to users and a small portion is kept for advertisers. The good thing about this project is it gives importance to cost efficiency therefore the intermediaries that can increase advertising costs are kept outside. Advertisers have to spend a minimum of $2500 per month to run their ad campaign actively however self-serve platforms with lower limits are still in que.  



Basic attention token was launched on 2017 and it was one of the fastest selling coin (ICO’s) of all time, the platform raises 35 million dollars in a minute. United States, United Kingdom and Canada has most active advertising campaigns for BAT token. 

Founders of BAT token

Basic attention token was founded by two people Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy both are from internet browsing software industry. Brendan Eich is the CEO of Brave including the parent firm of brave browser and basic attention token, it looks like the reason why basic attention tokens are launched on brave browser. In 1995 Brendan Eich invented JavaScript and he was the founder and CTO of Mozilla. In 2004 Eich also helped launch one of the most successful browser Mozilla Firefox. Brian Bondy is the braves and basic attention tokens CTO. Brian Bondy was seniors office engineer at Mozilla, software developer at Corel Corporation and he was also leading software developer at Khan Academy. Eich and Bondy both have combined experience of 50 + years in the software development industry. 

Basic attention token uses

Advertisement is the primary and basic use of basic attention token. BAT platform gives opportunity to users and advertisers to benefit at the same time. People who want to advertise their products can use BAT tokens as a payment token and advertise their campaign through brave ads. Advertisers have to spend a minimum of $2500 per month to run their ad campaign actively however self-serve platforms with lower limits are still in que.  

Whereas users can earn rewards in the form of bat tokens via watching  privacy preserving advertisements. 


Who is the founder of basic attention token?

Brendan Each and Brian Bondy are the founder of basic attention token.

What is Brendan Eich famous for?

One of the founders of BAT token.
Brendan Each is the CEO of brave software.
In 1995 Brendan Eich invented Java script. 
Founder and CTO of Mozilla.
In 2004 Each helped launch browser Mozilla Firefox.

When basic attention token (BAT) was launched?

BAT launch date was 2017.

For what basic attention token is famous for?

Through basic attention token one can run advertisement campaigns using brave ads.

Who is Brian Bondy?

Brian Bondy was senior software engineer and CTO at brave and basic attention token.

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