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Baby doge is a meme coin and meme coins like doge coins were created just for fun. After seeing its success lots of other meme coins came in the market baby doge is one of them that is backed up by some big players like Elon Musk. People want to know will baby doge will reach $1 or when it will reach $1.This blog tells you about baby dogecoin, its projects and price prediction.

Doge day is on 20th April a meaningful day for dogecoins. It is a special day for doge coin cryptocurrency and might become a reason for an increase related to dogecoin price and other things. 

Will baby doge coin reach $1 dollar

Another big news for the cryptocurrency market is the Bitcoin halving event on 18th April. In the past Bitcoin event history was joyful, a big increase in the crypto market. Experts and ordinary investors are eying this event and hoping for price increases again. All the doge coin community including baby doge coin investors are hoping for some big announcements due to 2 events back to back on 18th and 20th April. These types of events give an idea about crypto future including dogecoin future price in 10 years.

No doubt the original meme coin doge coin is the best coin to invest in. It already reached its highest point in 14 months with strong basics now ready for doge day. The 1st meme coin (doge coin) has already given a huge profit to its investors a couple of years ago but touched its all time high of nearly $1 ($0.74). After the doge coin similar expectation is from the baby doge coin which is following the path of the first meme coin.

Of course the baby doge coin is a meme coin and according to experts meme coins can’t perform well compared to other coins. They say it’s difficult for any meme coin to repeat the success similar to doge coin. 

Other experts believe that meme coins also have potential to give good returns to their investors. What makes the baby doge coin more promising than other meme coins is its huge community and it is expected to deliver more than a meme coin. It has a $312 million dollar market cap presenting great investment opportunities. 

20% rise achieved in the last month followed by $5 million burning worth of baby doge coins. Baby doge coin price remains steady in the last two weeks however a narrow line in price decrease is noticed due to the bitcoins decline in its recent listing on the CetoEx exchange.

As baby doge crypto is growing with its community and projects. Its prices are increasing slowly but steadily. Market experts shared their views about baby doge coin price prediction and said it has a long term potential. As per some experts baby doge coin price may reach $0.00000001217 by 2024. 

Holding this coin for 3 to 5 years from now might give good profit to holders as the 1st meme coin did for its investors. Apart from doge and baby doge coins there are some other meme coins to keep eye on for long term investment. They are dogwifhat (WIF), floki (FLOKI) and dogecoin20 (DOGE20).

Dogecoin20 (DOGE20)

Doge20 is the new version of the 1st meme coin dogecoin. Dogecoin20 is scheduled to debut on doge day which is on 20th April. The coin has impressed investors by its features like passive award options and fixed token supply. It has a wonderful pre-sale and collected $10 million now ready to enter with high expectations in the crypto currency market on 20th April. 

One can buy DOGE20 using ETH, USDT or fiat currency. Currently the DOGE20 price is $0.00022 and expected to go far.

How to buy Dogecoin20

  • Go to official website Dogecoin20.io.
  • Your wallet must have ETH, USDT to buy dogecoin20 coins.
  • Connect your wallet by clicking on the buy now button.
  • Enter the number of ETH/USDT and swap for Dogecoin20. Then click on by for staking.
  • Claim your tokens or keep them stacked to earn more APY rewards.

Conclusion – Babydoge coin 1 dollar price probability discussed. A new version Dogecoin20 (of dogecoin) prelaunch date shared, bitcoin event date and possibility of dogecoin price increase is mentioned today.

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