What is dogecoin future price in 10 years 

Are you searching what is dogecoin future look like in 2025 or in upcoming 10 years! However nobody can guess or predict about any coin. But good research and analysis are above any prediction and there is always a strong chance to achieve victory. 

Good research contains the history, current projects and upcoming projects of the particular cryptocurrency. While talking about dogecoin this coin has already shown potential growth and benefited its user many times. 

Dogecoin history

While talking about the history of dogecoin this coin was originally formed as a joke. Dogecoin was created by 2 engineers called Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. Billi Marcus was IBM software engineer and Jackson Palmer was adobe software engineer. Both these  engineers want to create a peer to peer digital currency that can reach broader demographic than the riches coin bitcoin.

In simple words they wanted to beat bitcoin as well. This engineer decided to create a payment system as a joke. They are actually making fun of wild  speculation in cryptocurrency at that time. Dogecoin is considered the first meme coin in cryptocurrency world. 

Dogecoin coin logo features the face of shiba inu dog from the dog meme. Dogecoin was introduced on December 6 2013 and after spending some struggling years it has developed a huge own online community. Due to the wonderful performance dogecoin was able to reach the market cap of over $85 on 21.05.2021. Dogecoin current performance is also gaining popularity day by day, dogecoin is the current shirt sponsor of Watford Football Club. 

After dogecoin success many meme coins came in the market, baby doge coin and shiba inu are the most popular among them. Will baby doge coin reach $1 or not? No body can say it confidently it depends on the future projects and performance of the coin.

In the beginning days Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer has invented dogecoin to make fun of Bitcoin and they were laughing at complicated payment system of blockchain at that time.   this is because as every human being they are also not able to digest that payment system can be so easy and they were also not accepting the acceptance of cryptocurrency in the world of banks. Now the thought process of the complete dogecoin team has changed and they are working towards the growth of dogecoin.

The official website of dogecoin is dogecoin.com and the website dogecoin.com promotes doge currency as a fun and internet friendly currency. Dogecoin is based on script algorithm and the transaction process of dogecoin is faster than Bitcoin because it takes only one minute while BTC takes 10 minutes for transaction process. 

One more important point is connected to dogecoin is that the richest man in the world named “Elon Musk” is in favour of dogecoin and he has shown his dogecoin love various times through his tweets.

What is dogecoin future price in 10 years 


Dogecoin has already tasted the hike of $0.50 on 4th of May 2021 which was 20,000% growth in a year. According to experts it will not only reach the previous landmark but also break it. A new crypto prediction says dogecoin will easily touch $1 in upcoming years due to the extreme level projects including metaverse etc.

It might reach $500 in 10 years if the doge community will keep working on big upcoming projects including their own blockchain system.

Dogecoin is a volatile coin which provides opportunities to day traders to trade in dogecoin and book profit in a day. Sometimes there are big swings in doge coins on a daily basis.

However dogecoin begin as a joke coin in 2013 but the praising thing is that this coin survived for many years and in sep 2021 it became the 10th largest cryptocurrency in the world with the market capitalization of US 26 billion dollar. 

Ren project has enabled renDOGE that can be used on ethereum blockchain and can access DeFi network. 

Dogecoin uses little energy for transaction in comparison to other big currencies look at the below given stats:

  • Dogecoin – 0.12 Kilowatt hours per transaction (kWh).
  • Bitcoin – 707.6 kWh.
  • Ethereum – 62.56 kWh.

Dogecoin full price history

19 December 2013 – Dogecoin jumped 300% in 72 hours. Rising from $0.00026 to $0.00095.

25 Dec 2013 – Coins stolen from Dogewallet during a hack. Dogecoin community started “Savedogemas” to help donate coins. One month later enough money was donated and all the loss were covered.

Jan 2014 – Dogecoin  trading volume surpassed Bitcoin and other coins.

2015 – Dogecoin co-founder Jacksun Palmer left the cryptocurrency community with no plans to return. 

2017 to early 2018 – Cryptocurrency bubble, Dogecoin reached a peak of US$0.017/D1on 7th Jan 2018.

09 May 2021 – Space x announcement rideshare mission to the moon funded by dogecoin.

14th August 2021 – Restablishment of Dogecoin foundation announced by the foundation. New focus of supporting the dogecoin ecosystem and dogecoin blockchain promotion target. 

January 2021 – Dogecoin went upto 800% in 24 hours reaching the price US$0.07. 

February 2021 – Dogecoin coin hit new high price US$0.08 due to twitter encouragement from Musk, Gene Simmons and Snoop Dogg. 

March 2021 – Mark Cuban owner of Dallas Mavericks announcement: His NBA team allows purchasing tickets and products with dogecoin. According to Cuban they carried out 20,000 transactions within 2 days and became the top dogecoin merchant. 

April 2021 – On 14 April, dogecoin direct listing for cryptocurrency exchange in coinbase.

14th April 2021 – Reached the price of US$0.10 on 14th April.

16 April 2021 – Dogecoin price hit a new high of US$0.45 (400 %), volume US$70 billion trades in 24 hours. 

4 May 2021 – Dogecoin price hike US$0.50, 20,000% increase in a year. 

July 2022 – Dogecoin fallen below US$0.07.

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