What is Basic attention Token BAT explained 

What is Basic attention Token BAT explained  here. Role of brave browser with BAT token is elaborated and BAT white paper important information is also given here.

What is Basic attention Token BAT explained 

Basic attention token was formed to improve the security fairness and efficiency of digital advertising through blockchain technology. The basic attention token is also known as BAT and the BAT was founded by the co founder Mozilla and Firefox. Bat is native token to brave web browser built on top of ETH.

Basic attention token’s white paper date is Feb 2021. In 2022 project  still on developing phase. However, the brave browser has been downloaded by people due to its availability. In the month of February – March there were approximately 55 million monthly active users of brave browser and around 16 million daily users. 

Basic attention token (BAT) uses brave browser and ethereum blockchain network for the functionality. BAT token can obtain various different advertising services and the token is used as a currency on the brave platform. BAT token is designed in such a way so that it can be easily exchange between users, publishers and advertisers. Bat creators are seeking to improve the advertising strategies and methods in the digital era.

According to bat creators current trend is not that beneficial which it could be for advertisers, publishers and users. While searching any data users are facing wide range of ads full of malware. Publishers can only see the ad revenue is  not increasing instead it is decreasing dramatically. Big publishers like Google, Meta and Bing has also brought down the price of information which leading a loss of advertising revenue. 

According to bat developers if they will track how users interact with digital advertising content and by storing that information in a well managed distributed ledger will help them to enhance the digital advertising experience for publishers users and advertisers. Bat  developers want to establish a platform where users will experience few ads and a beautiful valuable content.

A question raises here if ads will cut down then the revenue of publishers will drop down but according to bat developers publishes will find new sources of revenue.  Advertisers will be able to better target their audience on the the preference of audience interest. Fraud or any internet mishap can be avoided through this platform in more efficient way.

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Bat is the network token of brave Browser and brave browser is design and such a way that it can block trackers, invasive cookies and malwares. Brave Browser will use blockchain technology to security track user attention which will be a reward for publishers. According to developers user will get proper user attention while surfing the browser they will get focus mentali engagement on the digital content.

Bat makers indicates that according to basic attention token makers uses private data and tracking information will be stored only on the user’s device ensuring that it is anonymous and private. Digital advertisement publishers will basic attention token as a reward for user attention. More efficient content with sustain users will get more publisher revenue. At the same time there is good opportunity for advertisers to get better return on investment.

Brave browser users gets the opportunity of rewards by participating in the project. Bat is a digital currency which facilitates the entire process. Bat token can be exchange for different types of services on the platform. According to bat white paper publishers will receive a grate share of the ad revenue.

Get rid of fraud bat and brave developers has built several security measures into the brave browser and digital token system. According to bat website basic attention metrics (BAM)  system reduces the fraud entry points. Zero knowledge proof protocol (ZKP) is used in this technology. 

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Image credit – BAT token price and value dependency

According to BAT white paper the aim of basic attention token is to launch $24 million BAT’s. BAT token reached its all time high in november 2021 trading around $1.76 at its peak. Dated feb 12, 2022 it has circulating supplying of 100% with 1.50 billion BAT in circulation. 

BAT Exchange rate is set at 6400 BAT per ETH. It simply means there will be some effect of Ethereum price, the price of Ethereum will fall or rise the price of BAT token will be adjusted as well. While writing this post the current price of BAT token is $0.3547 and you can check the price of any crypto currency through coinmarketcap.com website.

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