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The top 5 Bitcoin ATM locations in Athens Greece shared with addresses from where people can easily buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Top 5 Bitcoin ATM locations in Athens Greece for withdrawal

Crypto ATM network at Bcash hotspot

Bcash ATM provides an easy interface, good customer support and fare prices. The ATM machine consists of both buying and selling. It offers buying with Euro cash and selling crypto for instant payouts.

The ATM transaction time is under 2 minutes, and simple on-screen instructions were given to make the transaction easy. Bcash bitcoin ATM transaction fees are 6 to 8% which is much lower than brokers and other exchanges in Greece. Ordinary people who are searching for crypto local access can reach the Bcash ATM network for liquidity.

Central Athens Bcash shop buying and selling

Bcash Athens shop is ideal for Bitcoin buying and selling. The shop is located in Central Athens with good security and convenience to reach. Their main office is located in Dimitrakopoulou Street in the city centre. Dimitrakopoulou Street located premier crypto ATM opens 6 days a week. Ordinary people can easily reach the ATM due to good public transit connectivity.

Glyfada Shopping District ATM Location 

The Glyfada store is located right on Gennimata Street. It is a high-traffic venue where anyone can easily reach for easy buying and selling of leading cryptocurrencies. Glyfada ATM is open Monday to Saturday six days a week. Local crypto investors can easily visit this Bitcoin cash ATM. 

Northern Suburbs ATM Hotspots

This ATM is located near the Erythraia shop off Mikras Asias Street. Northern Suburbs ATM distance from city center is 20 minutes only. It is an easily reachable and accessible crypto ATM for most people living in North East Athens. 

Piraeus Port Shopping District ATM

Piraeus Port Bcash ATM is 5 minutes away from the passenger terminal. Piraeus Port Shopping District ATM is located right on Sachtouri Street. You can see the Bitcoin ATM inside the company’s Piraeus store. One can use this machine for easy bitcoin buying.

Piraeus Port is one of Europe’s largest passenger ports and an estimated 4 million travellers travel to this port every year. All these passengers can take advantage of easy Bitcoin transactions from the ATM machines installed in Piraeus port. 

These atm bitcoin machines are decreasing the reliability of solo kiosks in Airports. Their positioning is good and convenient for people who want to buy/sell cryptocurrency. 

Rhodes Island BTM location

Rhodes is located on Greek Island. You can find a Bitcoin ATM on Central Averof Street inside a jewellery shop. You can buy bitcoin, Ethereum and other leading cryptocurrencies from this machine. This ATM is open 6 days a week.

Crete island bitcoin access Heraklion city centre shop

Heraklion city centre is located on Crete island. A bitcoin ATM machine is installed in Kalokairinou street near the central market. It is open in weekday hours and people can access it on Saturday as well.

Bitcoin ATM in Greece becoming popular among people 

Bitcoin in Greece is becoming popular resulting in the opportunity of Bcash atms. Bcash ATM’s are resolving the cripto buy-selll problem. Now it is easier for Greek people to withdraw their crypto’s. Bcash ATM presence makes the currency more popular among the people.

Bitcoin ATM in India 

Do you think someday India will install Bitcoin in different states? Currently, it looks not possible but nobody can see the future. The USA has legalised the currency already and they are an advanced country. Nishchal Shetty is the founder of WazirX which is the biggest Indian Crypto exchange. However, Mr Shetty operates the exchange from the Dubai office and also shifted to Dubai in the recent past. 

India may legalize bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the future because it’s a blockchain which could not be avoided. If it could be avoided then America would have done so. 

America has seen the truth and legalised this currency. They realised that they can’t stop the crypto transaction so it’s better to make some rules to maintain it smoothly. India will soon understand this basic thing in future.

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