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Recently Bitcoin halving was completed after which the bitcoin mining per day reduced from 906 to 453. Today we will understand the halving event, why new btc creation reduces, number of bitcoin mined per day per hour, total bitcoins mined till date, total bitcoins to be mined and left in the world.

According to experts Bitcoin price may touch an all time high after some time of halving completion.

How many Bitcoins mined per day per 10 minutes 

Bitcoin mining per day from 19 April 2024 to next 4 years.403 bitcoins per day.
Bitcoin mining per 10 minutes from 19 April 2024 to next 4 years.3.125 BTC.
Bitcoin mining per day and in 10 minutes is given in the table.

BTC mining per 10 minutes before and after halving

BTC mining before halvingHalving done on these datesBTC mining after halving completed 
50 BTC per blockNov 28, 201225 BTC per block
25 BTCJuly 09, 201612.5 BTC
12.5 BTCMay 11, 2020 6.25 BTC
6.25 BTCApril 19, 20243.125 BTC
BTC mining before and after halving given in the table.

Halving means

Having is an event in the cryptocurrency market which comes every 4 years. Bitcoin halving means reduction in mining new btc tokens. Mining is a process of generating new tokens of any cryptocurrency. 

In every 10 minutes whatever btc was supplied before it reduces to 50% after the halving process is completed. BTC supply every 10 minutes reduces to 50% after this event. 

Number of bitcoin mined per day per hour

Before halving 2024 in every 24 hours total 906 btc were generated, after halving completion total 453 btc were being generated. As per bitcoin halving history the btc price increased from $12.35 to $127 after 150 days of 1st halving the price kept increasing after around 150 days of all halving.

Before halving in every 10 minutes 6.25 bitcoins were generated. After halving they reduced by 50% to 3.125 and from now on every 10 minutes new 3.125 btc will be generated through mining. 

Bitcoin mining reduction after halving reason

First cryptocurrency BTC was founded in 2008 by Satoshi Naka Moto. Satoshi has designed its structure in which a total 21 million bitcoins will be mined till the year 2140. To meet the target in decided time it is compulsory to reduce the btc supply in the market.

If BTC supply will not be reduced then 21 million tokens will be supplied in the market way before the fixed date. It’s a predesigned structure and halving event is the part of completing the btc mining cycle. 

Total bitcoins mined till date

BTC uses block chain technology and out of 21 million tokens total 19 million tokens mined till date and 98% tokens will be mined till 2030. In every 9.23 minutes one btc block is mined.  

Total bitcoins to be mined

As per the bitcoin block structure there are 21 million Bitcoins to be supplied till 2140Bitcoin transaction speed is slow at 4.95  because btc is a first generation token.

Total bitcoins left in the world

Today around19 million tokens are mined and 3 million tokens left out of 21 million tokens. It is estimated that around 98% mining will be done till 20230. Everyday 453 BTC tokens are mined today and their mining will decrease again after 4 years from 453 to 226.5 wef from 2029.

Conclusion – Bitcoin mining per day per 10 minutes is given. Halving meaning and need explained. Total bitcoins left and last bitcoin mining year is shared. 


How many bitcoin’s mined per day after halving?

3.125 btc per day after halving 2024.

How long does it take to mine 1 bitcoin?

Mining timing is 9.23 minutes per block.

How many Bitcoins are left to mine?

Approximately 3 million tokens are left to mine.

How many Bitcoins are lost?

Around 19 million BTC tokens are mined.

When will the last Bitcoin be mined?

In the year 2140.

What happens when all Bitcoins are mined?

The btc price may break its all time high records.

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