After Bitcoin 5 next cryptos to invest in

Most people are regretting for not having Bitcoins in their wallets because at that time it was really hard to digest the existence of cryptocurrency for the future. In this post I am revealing 5 next crypto to bull run.

who you are

Three types of people are discussed below, identify who you are out of these 3.

Early birds – Some people accepted and recognized the future investment those people are known as early Birds. Early Birds always face two things loss or profit they do not hang in between. Losses can be monitored according to the pocket size of a particular person. From 2009 to 2023 it’s a long time for crypto existence in our life still people believe this is the beginning era. If you still have not invested in cryptocurrencies then it’s high time to wake your mind. 

Foolish – Foolish people often things that they will become beggars if they will invest in any new asset. On the other hand, intelligent people calculate the investment and risk, they invest according to their pocket size and do not disturbs the savings.

Greedy – Greedy people mostly lose a good amount due to over-investment without any good research work. They blindly follow the path of other people and do not research about the project they mostly trust the words of unknown people and are often trapped to get higher returns.

After Bitcoin 5 next cryptos to invest in 2023

1 Wall Street Memes WSM

WSM seems to be one of the best memes that gets an extremely superb opening in its pre-sale. This meme coin raised a whopping $12.5 million in its presale. According to chat GPT prediction this coin can reach 466% growth in 2023. If the chat GPT prediction falls correct then this meme coin will reach $0.15 by the end of 2023. It has a very strong community support of over 1 million fans. 

2 Thug Life THUG

THUG is another meme coin with a successful presale, it raised 1.6 million in less than 10 days. Its main goal is to promote the dump to Web 3 presales into success so that most can get money and become rich.  

Unlike other projects, this  project is offering its token at $0.0007. It is said that there will be no price increase and investors will get worthy rewards by participating in giveaways and airdrop campaigns. According to experts, it might become new Shiba inu due to the above unique characteristics. 


3 Chimpzee CHMPZ

From the recent past eco cryptos are becoming the new trend in the cryptocurrency world. Chimpzee is a new eco crypto and it raised over $6000 in its presale. According to experts, it is the right choice and it should be in the portfolio of crypto investors.

Chimpzee offers playing games, shopping or trading with other coins. Crypto experts believe that this coin can explode up to 100x in 2023.  

4 yPredict YPRED

yPredict is for those people who want analytics and prediction in crypto. It works as a tool to navigate the complicated crypto space. This project is having AI features including signals, sentiment, analysis and chart patterns to recognise. It also gives investors an opportunity to win rewards with staking.


5 Launchpad XYZ

It is exciting to hear that Launchpad is used as the entrance to everything Web 3-related. To get success in web3 investors will get news, knowledge, insights and more via this platform. Currently, this project does not have any competition and if it capitalises then it may reach $0.50 by the end of 2030.

In simple words, it will give you quick news help you to make decisions and help you to learn trading.


What are the top 5 coins that can explode in 2023?

1 Wall Street Memes (WSM).
2 Thug Life (THUG).
3 Chimpzee (CHMPZ).
4 yPredict (YPRED).
5 Launchpad (XYZ).

Which is predicted as the next shiba inu?

THUG coin.

What features does yPredict have?

AI features including analytics, signals, chart patterns and predictions.

What is the chat GPT prediction about the wall street meme coin?

According to chat GPT wall street meme con can reach 466% growth in 2023 which means it can touch $0.15.

What kind of coin is Chimpzee?

Chimpzee is a new eco crypto coin.

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