How to create metamask wallet in android pc

Today, we will help you to understand what is MetaMask wallet and how to create Metamask wallet in Android PC first time. This post also contains a detailed FAQ (frequently asked questions) guide for our viewers. At the bottom of the post you will get introduced with some Indian cryptocurrency exchanges. The concept of MetaMask wallet is discussed here.

what is metamask

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can store any cryptocurrency and NFTs. One can use MetaMask wallet in android mobile, laptop, desktop, IOS. Through metamask wallet user can easily buy, send and swap crypto. Due to the security reason your mobile screen recorder will not allow to record the MetaMask login or signup process.

How to create metamask wallet in android pc

  1. You can go to and then choose options Android, iOS for mobile application and select chrome for desktop.
  2. One can also go directly to the google play store, chrome store or apple app store.
  3. To create Metamask wallet first you need to download the MetaMask app from the play store. You can see a icon of dog will show on the metamask wallet, click on install.
  4. It will ask where to install MetaMask as per your device, if you are android user click on android
  5. After that you will get two options 1st import using secret recovery phase and 2nd Create a new wallet, click on create a new wallet.
  6. Now create password option will come on your mobile screen. Create a strong password of minimum 8 words with upper and lower case along with special characters.
  7. You can login by this password on this particular device only so do take care of your device.
  8. Now check the I understand box and click on create password. Remember, this password cant be recover so keep it safe in your personal diary.
  9. Now you will see secure your wallet option on your screen. Click on start button at the bottom and you can see manual for guidance.
  10. After clicking on start button it will ask for finger print. Touch your finger and you will reach secret recovery phrase option.
  11. There will be view option, tap on view and you will see 12 words (important), note down these words in your safe diary or notepad.
  12. After noting the words click on continue option.
  13. Now you have to confirm secret recovery phrase by selecting all 12 words which you have just noted in your diary. Select all these 12 words according to serial number.
  14. Finally click on complete backup button and you will see congratulations screen. That’s it your MetaMask wallet is created now.
  15. Click on done and your MetaMask wallet will open in front of you and you can see the options Receive, Send and Swap.

Metamask wallet faq

Some frequently asked questions related metamask are given below in order to help you.

How to use the desktop metamask in mobile?

You can use mobile sync feature to use the extension metamask in mobile. Follow the below given steps
1. Install MetaMask mobile at or directly download the metamask app from google play store.
2. Now open metamask mobile app and select sync or import.
3. You will get option to scan QR code, scan it.
4. Now you can log into your metamask extension.
5. Click settings option then –> select advance –> sync with mobile.
6. You will see a QR code scan this QR code with your metamask mobile app.

Is metamask wallet free to use?

Yes, metamask wallet is absolutely free to store cryptos and NFTs but while trading you need some cryptocurrencies.

How to add funds in MetaMask wallet?

Select “Add funds” option in metamask wallet. Now you can request funds from a person or friend by sending them a payment request by sharing your public address (listed in metamask). You can also use your QR code to request funds from a friend.

How to transfer eth from MetaMask to binance wallet?

1. Login to your Binance wallet.
2. Then click on deposit option.
3. Copy the eth address or any crypto address that you want to receive.
4. Now login to your MetaMask wallet and select the crypto that you want to send.
5. Paste the crypto address that you have copied.
6. Now enter the amount of crypto that you want to send.

How to send ETH and tokens from MetaMask?

Login the MetaMask app then select send option given on the menu top left corner.

Is there any option for collectibles in MetaMask?

Yes, collectible option is present on the home screen of your mobile wallet.

What to do if MetaMask app crashes?

First ensure that you are using update version, if not please update, if problem still persist contact the support team of MetaMask.

Where is my public address in MetaMask?

Your public address is given just below the account option

What is a public address in MetaMask?

An Ethereum address serves as a virtual location it is a unique identifier for your ether or Ethereum based tokens. It is like your bank account number.

How to deposit receive or send

Tap the menu button in your mobile app then click wallet option and select a token or collectible then hit the send or receive option.

India top cryptocurrency exchanges

Top India crypto exchange list is given below:


Wazirx launch date – Wazirx was founded in 2018 by computer science engineer Nischal Shetty. it is the topmost and most popular cryptocurrency exchange in India in present time. Wazirx platform is consist of peer to peer transaction and is capable of managing technology that enables processing millions of transactions. It was acquired by Binance cryptocurrency exchange in April 2021. Wazirx exchange has over 7.3 million users till August 2021.


BuyUcoin is another popular crypto exchange in India. It is capable of providing the plateform of trading crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, List NEM, Civic and many other coins. Crypto SIP was introduced recently by this exchange and it also has the “Sandbox” feature.


CoinDCX was launched on 7th of April 2018. Coin DCX provides easy user friendly experience. This platform also provides UPI and IMPS payment systems.


Bitbns exchange offers easy peer to peer (P2P) platform which is easy bitcoin trading. Bitbns has more than 98 cryptocurrencies listed on there exchange which gives users good enough options for trading.


Zebpay was established in way back 2014 and has more than 3 million customers and also has $2 billion in fiat transactions. It is also one of the most popular exchange in India and provides the opportunity to buy bitcoins, altcoins

CoinSwitch Kuber

It is yet another Indian crypto exchange which is user friendly. This platform is easy to use and for beginners with some good features.

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