Cricket nft marketplace and Metaverse

You can explore cricket nft marketplace and metaverse here. Cricketers are using different platforms to enter in metaverse. Some cricketers have collaboration colexion with and some cricketers are collaborating with fancraze. Some cricketer might choose other platforms to enter their first metaverse and publish their non-fungible tokens. 

Cricket nft marketplace and Metaverse

Metaverse is getting popular day by day and now cricketers are getting into it. Some cricketers have collaborated with NFT marketplaces in recent past and some is collaborating with various non fungible marketplaces now.

In no time various NFT marketplaces developed some or are based on polygon blockchain technology and some are using other technology. Some of the popular cricket NFT marketplaces are: Rario, Colexion, FanCraze and CrickRush.

Virat Kohli Metaverse

2022 T20 World Cup is going on in Australia and Virat is looking in good form. Recently, Virat Kohli has given a big good news to his fans via twitter. Virat Kohli Twitted I am super bumper to enter the metaverse Exclusively weather @OxFanCraze. Virat elaborated you can own and collect my player cards and play cricket games to win big prizes. He asked fans Join me now and get started with your welcome bonus. 

Yuvraj Singh Metaverse

Yuvraj Singh NFT – Yuvraj Singh is the first Indian cricketer who entered the metaverse world and launched his NFT’s in 2021. Yuvraj Singh is a player who created a world record of hitting six sixes in 6 balls. To create this world record he disturbed the career of England fast bowler Stewart Broad and smashed 6 sixes in his 6 balls. Yuvi partnered with colexion to launch his premium NFT collection in space, you can read a dedicated blog post on on this topic.

Cricket nft marketplace 

Rario NFT

You can also winn ratio bonus by referring a friend. Here you own all official NFT’s of cricket players. Rario also offers $10 Rario bonus for every friend you refer.

Fan Craze NFT

Bank NEFT allows users to collect and build cricket players NFT collection across particular match. Fancraze allows NFT trading with fans across the globe and get an opportunity to interecat with cricketers. 

CrickRush Australia Cricket NFT

CrickRush is an Australian NFT marketplace for cricket. Here you can collect trade and play with the officially licensed Australian cricket NFT’s. CrickRush is one of the most fascinating cricket NFT marketplace where you can not only win real money but also you gain valuable experience dinner with a cricket player. Also offers strategy games D3. CLUB.

Colexion NFT Marketplace

Colexion is a large NFT marketplace. The Marketplace is a premium GameFi ecosystem. Colexion NFT marketplace brings together celebrities from different sports niches. Colexion favours web 3.0 gaming. Colexion utilizes one of the best blockchain technology called polygon blocking technology. Colexion is the biggest licensed marketplace in the emerging web 3.0 technology. The fans will have opportunity to buy their favourite sports stars moments cards, they will also get a chance to interact with sports superstars.


How can I purchase a card in Colexion without any cryptocurrency?

When not having any cryptocurrency you can use fiat to purchase the cards in Colexion marketplace.

Are NFT’s untraceable?

Yes, due to advance blockchain technology uses NFT’s are not traceable.

Can anyone copy my original NFT’s?

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are such digital assets that cannot be replicated.

Which NFT marketplace Virat Kohli is using?

Fancraze NFT marketplace.

Which NFT marketplace Virendra Sehwag is using?

Viru collaborated with Fancraze NFT marketplace.

Name the NFT marketplace that Sachin Tendulkar is collaborated with?

You can find Sachin Tendulkar NFT’s on Rario NFT marketplace.

Which is Yuvraj Singh NFT market place?

Yuvi landed on Colexion marketplace.

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