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Today, we will help you to find out best cryptocurrency to buy in 2022. This article contains  best 12 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022. However, the Russia Ukraine war is going on which is not good for humanity and as per crypto market all the coins are going down. The correct time to invest in any business is when there is no competition means book profit as early birds and when the market price is below, right now the crypto market is not up to the mark and for investors it is an opportunity.

10 best cryptocurrency to buy in 2022

  1. Lucky Block crypto (LBlock) – L block coin has great potential and huge opportunities. You can plan lucky block coin purchases in 2022.
  2. Ethereum – In today’s Era theory a what are the most promising cryptocurrency in smart contracts.
  3. Decentraland cryptocurrency – Decentraland Metaverse land meaning good to buy for metaverse exposure. 
  4. Shiba Inu coin (SHIB) – Best Crypto to buy at low price. It is the best Crypto ‘Meme Coin’ to buy.
  5. Cardano (ADA) – Best crypto to buy for a good future.
  6. Binance coin (BNB) – Best crypto to buy for long term gains.
  7. Axie infinity (AXIE) – Best crypto to purchase for blockchain gaming projects. 
  8. Polygon (Matic) – It is one of the new crypto to buy in 2022 with huge potential.
  9. Avalanche (AVAX) – Good Crypto to buy 
  10. Ripple – Top crypto currency with huge ambitions.

If you’re thinking which cryptocurrency to buy in 2022 then you should look at these cryptocurrencies and buy them for their features and new technologies. At the bottom of the post you will find two special cryptocurrencies with a very low price but with a huge community and future opportunities. Let’s begin and dive in deeper at the coin-pool

Lucky coin buy

Today is 11 March and if you are still searching which cryptocurrency to buy in 2022 then you should go with lucky block coins. Lucky block is a blockchain-based lottery platform that offers an opportunity to generate passive income. You can purchase lucky coin via pancake swap. Cryptocurrency market is a high voltage place and highly volatile market therefore your investment is always at risk. So we advise only investing those money which you are using to eat unhealthy food like burgers, pizza etc.

Ethereum coin buy

Ethereum is the most popular coin after Bitcoin that has open source blockchain platform and exciting offers of decentralized app (dAPP). However, it has high fees but the markecap of Ethereum is fabulous. Before investing in any coin you should investigate the potential of that particular coin through coin however, you need to investigate more about your coin by following it through out a specific period, strategies, communities, announcements, brands are some important aspects that you need to research about that particular coin. 

Decentraland cryptocurrency Metaverse

If you want to purchase a virtual property then decentaland is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022 for long term. Mataverse is the latest technology which we have never heard of before and decentaland cryptocurrency provides an opportunity to purchase virtual land or property. Decentraland provides a blockchain base virtual world where users can create avatars and purchase land.

Shiba Inu best crypto to buy in 2022 (Meme Coin)

After the success of dogecoin many other meme coins entered the market and among those meme coins ‘Shiba Inu’ has the most potential and also benefited lots of investors who had grabbed the opportunity to invest in shiba inu coin in its initial days. In october 2021 price of shiba inu coin increased tremendously 1055%. Shib Inu also released shib swap i.e shiba inu decentralised exchange (DEX).

Cardano Great cryptocurrency project with expert team

If you find it difficult to invest in ethereum coins due to the expensiveness then you can look at cardano coins because it’s a cheap cryptocurrency to invest in 2022. It has (POS)  proof of stake algorithm.

Binance coin buy in 2022

Binance the native coin of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange called binance exchange. One can avail the opportunity of less trading fees after buying binance coin moreover after purchasing binance coin one can avail the benefits of passive income. Main point to invest in binance coin is  biggest Crypto exchange and is still growing day by day meaning the growth of binance exchange will increase the price of binance coin automatically so it is one of the best crypto coins to invest in 2022.

Axie infinity (AXIE) blockchain gaming project

Axie infinity provides a gaming platform and enables users to create in-game characters and complete quests. Axis are types of pets structured as NFTs and can be monetized through the Axie infinity marketplace.


Polygon network acts as layer 2 solution for the ethereum network.  polygon is a much  cheaper platform in comparison to ethereum. Moreover, it also provides faster speed. Developers can build their app on a polygon platform and they can also port or shift their apps from etherium to polygon network and can enjoy less fees with fast speed.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche uses 3 blockchain networks and this makes it special and faster. By reducing the overall burden on particular blockchain it increases (TPS) transactions per second.

Ripple coin purchase 2022 (Large ambitions)

Ripple coin belongs to RippleNet  and this coin is one of the oldest coins that has gained the trust of investors. It has a fast payment network and by using RippleNet users can send cross border payment easily and instantly.

baby doge coin and bittorent coin

Baby doge coin

It is a meen coin gaining popularity very fast. It is one of the cheapest coin with great potential and if you are looking to buy best cheap coin to buy in 2022 then you can pick this coin that has a big growing community. However, it is not registered on binanace and wazirx yet, you can buy babydogie coin via suncrypto exchange. 


Best cheap coin to buy on binance in 2022. Bittorrent cryptocurrency has an external potential and according to coin market experts it is the coin of the future so if you are looking for the best cheap coin to invest for long term then you can pick this coin to your portfolio. 

Conclusion – We do not recommend any crypto by us its an market research and you have to decide by your own before investing your money. We only recommend to invest such amount that you use to eat unhealthy food or fast food such as burger, cooldrinks etc.

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