This story is consist of Non fungible token (nft) overview evaluation opportunities and challenges along with best NFT marketplace.

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Non fungible token (NFT) is a digital item that travels on blockchain network and can be created, purchased or sold in the open market.

Non fungible token meaning

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These items (NFTs) can be owned and controlled by any individual users without the interference, support or permission of any centralized company.

The most important feature  of  NFT  is that  NFT cannot be changed,  it is a unique and proprietary asset.

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NFT’s are modern type of digital collectibles such as tickets, coins, stamps etc.

NFT’s are authenticity created by the blockchain  for a digital asset  including  painting, music, video, artwork and more.

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Currently  NFT’s are used for identification of ownership of digital assets.

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Benefits of NFT Tokens

– No middleman – No regional barriers – Easy trading – Increased in liquidity due to token standards – Easy redemption – Transaction cost reduction – NFT buyers can purchase the token directly from the exact source – NFT holders can sell to the token to direct buyers

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NFT benefits for artists

One of the most important feature of NFT is uniqueness.  Earlier there were always a hidden fear of story stolen and lots of talented writers and story tellers were often cheated by some big guns

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Now anyone can sell his/her unique creativity in the forms of lyrics, story, art etc.  If you are a writer and want to sell your story in  Hollywood or Bollywood  then you must go for NFT  and secure your story digitally where you can sell it to the right person directly.

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Where to create NFT Art

You can create your own owned NFT via Rari, Opensea etc.  In Rari follow these steps 1. Select creat option then fill all information 2. Choose free minting then 3. Click create item and sign free authorization with your wallet thats it.

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From where we can buy NFT?

You can buy NFT through NFT marketplaces such as opensea, Rari nft marketplace, mintable, foundation, colexion etc.

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Where can I sell my NFT?

For both buying and selling NFT’s you have to use NFT marketplace such as opensea, Rarible, Nifty Gateway, Superrare etc.